Nabu’s vision is to offer farmers a holistic approach to IoT and data analysis for water management and agriculture. Nabu platform combines information and operational technology, along with powerful data analyis tools in order to support farmers in the fields.

From the main control panel you can: analyze real-time conditions of your fields, thanks to satellite images, soil sensors and weather station, control the irrigation system, including pumps, filters, fertilizer injectors and valves and monitor all automated functions.

You can also decide to convert your farm gradually to smart farming solutions, all functions and components (operational or information) can also work in stand-alone mode.

How can Nabu Technology help you?
Earth Observing

Earth observation

Connected devices

Data analysis & feedbacks

Vertical markets: open field irrigation (center pivots, hose-reels, drip irrigation, sprinklers), fertigation, greenhouses, hydroponics & vertical farming, turf & landscape, golf courses, sport fields.